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All-brilliant Law Firm gets the patent agent qualification approved by State Intellectual Property Office, which is one of the few Chinese law firms with patent agent qualification in Anhui Province. Most lawyers in its intellectual property team have obtained both lawyer’s license and the patent agent qualification. The combination of rich practical experience and sufficient professional knowledge offers customers the best solutions for IP rights protection and enhance their core competitiveness.

The IP counsels’ team in All-brilliant Law Firm provides wide-ranging and deep intellectual property legal service to many domestic and oversea clients. Its specific business covers many traditional, new and high-tech fields, such as patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret , domain name, e-commerce, media and other cultural products, in which, the principal business are patent, trademark and copyright business.

The IP counsels’ team in All-brilliant Law Firm has agent a large number of cases like patent reexamination, patent invalid and patent disputes, and provides intellectual property strategy design and patent analysis services for many clients; As for the trademark business, it offers trademark rights protection and investigation services, etc to many large domestic and foreign enterprises, and provides services as trademark strategy formulation and well-known trademark recognition, etc; In regard to the copyright business, it has agent many cases as copyright disputes and software copyright disputes.

Our Legal Services


Trademark Legal Service

Trademark application agency

Report on trademark retrieval;

Advice on trademark application by trademark laws and regulations in China;

Application for trade mark.

Other Agency

Trademark inquiry, renewal, transfer, modification, authorization record, opposition, review, etc.

Trademark Infringement Combating

Against the manufacture, sales, publicity, payment and other aspects concerning trademark infringement.

Method: litigation, administrative complaint, trademark record in custom.


Copyright Application

Copyright registration of literary works, fine works, software works, music works, etc.

Infringement Combating

Against any website infringing the copyright of literary works, fine works, software works, music works;

Scope: comprehensive combating on infringement related to the infringing website’s domain name, IDC hosting, website promotion, pay link and other aspects.

Method: lawyer’s letter, administrative complaint, litigation.

Policy Consultancy

Our attorneys are expert in China laws and administrative policies on copyright.

Other Services

Drafting, examination, modification on copyright contract and other legal documents related


Administrative Affairs

Drafting patent application, patent claims and other documents

Patent application;

Paten re-examination application, drafting application document, re-examination statement or reasons and other documents;

Invalid patent application, drafting application document, statement or reasons and other documents;

Communication and negotiation with patent officer in the process of patent application and dispute settlement.

Patent Strategy

Establishment of patent protection system, determination on the protection scope of peripheral patent and the establishment of patent pool.

Patent Transaction

Drafting and examination on the contract of patent sales, transfer and license;

Patent contract record and registration;

Investigation on patent ownership;

Assessment on patent value.


Administrative litigation;

Infringement litigation;

Patent ownership confirming litigation.

Trade Secrect

There has promulgated no Trade Secret Law in P.R.C, while the regulations concerning trade secret are respectively provided in Anti-unfair Competition Law, Labor Contract Law and other laws or regulations, such complicated legislation makes it crucial for international companies in China to maintain the legality and effectiveness of any legal documents containing trade secret.

Drafting and Modification of Legal Documents

Localizing clients’ documents related to trade secret by China laws and regulations;

Drafting various legal documents concerning trade secret on clients’ demands, including the Confidential Articles of Association, Non-infringement Undertaking, Non-disclosure Agreement, Non-competition Agreement, Project Non-disclosure Agreement, Confidential Undertaking, etc.


Trade secret training for clients’ executive managements and legal risk training for research and development department (R&D Dept.) and other departments for the improvement of the sense of confidentiality.


Acting in dispute of competition restriction, trade secret infringement, as well as criminal report and acting in crime of infringing trade secret case.

Field of business activities: Intellectual property (Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret) ;Corporation affairs; Foreign investment).

How this site came to be?

When I attended an online game industry meeting, and introduced myself as a Chinese intellectual property lawyer, most foreign friends shrugged their shoulders in confusion: Are there any Intellectual Property rights in China?

My answer was: Yes! China’s intellectual property laws and regulations are almost the same as those in Western countries. In fact, in 2010, about 42,931 intellectual property cases were filed in local courts around China and more than 6,000 people were convicted for crimes of intellectual property rights infringement.

After the meeting, I decided to set up a website to introduce foreign friends to  Chinese Intellectual Property laws. My goal is for this site to become a bridge linking East and West so that my foreign friends learn that even in China, you can protect your intellectual property and other lawful rights. This website will analyze popular cases and introduce the enforcement standard of Chinese commercial laws, with a focus on intellectual property law.

Furthermore, as Chinese lawyers, our service team has helped many international corporations to invest in China and protect their intellectual property rights. We are looking for more opportunities to help foreign corporations resolve any problems they have in daily operations.

Chen jun

Partner of All-brilliant Law Firm, Hefei,Anhui,China

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Field of business activities: Intellectual property (Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret) ;Corporation affairs; Foreign investment).